How Much Does the Presidency Cost?

When CIA field agents John Donovan and Ryan Hale go on a routine mission to Geneva, Switzerland, they stumble into the midst of a plot that threatens the very foundation of American Democracy. A powerful coalition has decided to wager their billions on a hand-picked candidate for the Presidency. But some things don't have a dollar value.

On the run from both their own government and the most powerful mercenary company in the world, with little more to help them than a frosty but brilliant analyst and the type of skills entrusted only to the most elite warriors, the pair must connect the dots between a media magnate, a modern warlord, a presidential candidate, and a string of alarming betrayals. Their enemies will stop at nothing to achieve their goal: to buy, spin, steal, cheat, and kill their way through a Presidential election. In a whirlwind chase along the Eastern seabord, will Donovan and Hale survive to pull back the curtain? And will the President?

Zach Drennen's debut novel is a story ripped from the headlines about spies, politicians, money, and people who will spare no effort or expense in order to win. Do you want to look behind the curtain?

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